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Built-in climate protection
100 climate protection estates in NRW

  • Built-in climate protection
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  • 30. September 2014
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Eine Broschüre der EnergieAgentur.NRW zum Thema "100 Klimaschutzsiedlungen in NRW" in englischer Sprache.

The „100 Climate Protection Estates in North Rhine-Westphalia“ are intended to achieve a consistent reduction of the heat-related CO2 emissions in residential estates (new and refurbished housing).

All technologies suitable for cutting back CO2 can be deployed for this purpose. Planners and investors will thus have the freedom to select innovative building standards and supply variants from a wide range of options. Even though the main aim of the climate protection estates is to avoid CO2 emissions, they should also have special urban development and social qualities beyond their innovative energy concept.

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