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Energy Research in North Rhine-Westphalia.The Key to the Energy Transition

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Eine Broschüre der EnergieAgentur.NRW in englischer Sprache.

​At more than 30 sites of higher education institutions and research facilities
in North Rhine-Westphalia teaching and research are conducted in all
relevant fields of energy technology and of the social challenges thrown up
by the energy transition. The origins of this are to be found in the symbiosis
which has grown over many decades between science and industry, North
Rhine-Westphalia being Europe’s most modern and most important energy
region. The companies know how to exploit this expertise as a genuine location
advantage. The State on the Rhine and Ruhr supplies 30 % of the power
needed nationwide. Around 40 % of German industrial power is consumed
here. 83 % of German hard coal and 55 % of German brown coal comes from
North Rhine-Westphalia. A total of 250,000 people were working in the various
sectors of the North Rhine-Westphalian energy industry in 2011.

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