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Geothermal Energy Network NRW - Tapping new resources

  • Geothermal Energy Network NRW - Tapping new resources
  • Energieagentur.NRW
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  • 1. März 2010
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Eine Broschüre der EnergieRegion.NRW im Rahmen des Clusters EnergieWirtschaft.NRW in englischer Sprache.

The Geothermal Energy Network was established at the end of 2009 by the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia. It encompasses the activities in North Rhine-Westphalia connected with geothermal energy. The Geothermal Energy Network is integrated in the structure of the EnergyEconomy Cluster EnergyRegion.NRW.

The EnergyAgency.NRW is responsible for the management of both the Cluster EnergyRegion.NRW and of the Cluster EnergyResearch.NRW (CEF.NRW). Their networks and partners will therefore continue in future to provide the basis for the cluster work and its adaquate co-ordination.

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